Sunday, October 05, 2014

Illustration Friday: Silence

Almost 10 years ago I discovered a cool site... It's a place where a word... abstract or concrete... is given as a challenge for folks to visualize in art. The art can be digital or traditional. Really the only requirement is that you have a blog or webpage on which to post the art and to which a link is provided at IF's site.

Back in 2005, and for a couple of years after, I posted links darned near every week taking on the topic of the week, and it was my introduction to a form of social media. Folks would comment on the various blogs, and for a time little support cliques sprouted up here and there, and it was all very cool.

It's probably still very cool, and please don't take this as a trite little muse of melancholy. In 2008 or '09 real life got very busy for me, and my submissions to IF dropped off to only one or two a year. I still check the topic of the week and browse. But I've lost touch with most of the folks who used to comment on my stuff and on whose stuff I would comment. The newer format has made it a little harder to follow folks, I feel. I imagine there are still groups of folks who check in on each other, and it's good to see the site thriving.

So, all that said, and looking over it, it probably needn't have been said. Doesn't really say anything. But it would take too much effort to go back, highlight it, and delete it. Maybe that notion of deletion dovetails well with the subject this week... silence. This week's IF topic is here, and I'll post it.

Peace to all, and don't go deaf.