Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Illustration Friday: Celebrate

Our little corner of the world has suffered from a couple of years of drought, so I celebrate the rain that has visited us these past few weeks. The wind and the wet really hurt the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am (the corporate descendant of Bing Crosby's Clambake), but the weather has always been iffy for that tournament anyway... always a gamble.

We're about up to normal, year-to-date, but that still doesn't get us out of the dry woods. 

So to all you fair-weather fans, let us have our day in the showers. Peace to all, and don't forget your galoshes.


Kay Aker said...

Yah rain! Let it pour! This guy is just lapping it up! Powerful image!

HARDWAX said...

California always seems to be in a water deficit, especially in the southland, and so I'm happy for you.

Your illo is very clear in pointing out the joy found in those precious, annoying, wet, plops.

I didn't know you had posted.

HARDWAX said...

woooo whoooo. woooooo who!

When I'm calling woooo, ou, ou , ou, ou, ou, ouuuuu. Will you answer?

No need to comment on anything, maybe just sing a song.