Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Illustration Friday: Phobia

There are so many phobias from which to choose for this week's topic... where to begin? I went to one of the many lists online... hundreds of things to be afraid of.

One stood out, though: politicophobia, or fear of politics/politicians. That got me thinking a step further... how about the politics of fear? There's been enough said about that in the last few weeks and months as we head into the election season. Does the administration and Fox News scare me? You betcha. It's working, Dubya.

Not letting the Democrats off easy, either, though. They've allowed the Republicans to give them a phobia of the L-word (and, no, I'm not talking about the TV show of the same name). No, God forbid that anyone allow themselves to be labeled 'liberal.' When did it become bad to be a liberal?

And then there is the American voting public at large. Do we have a collective fear of the voting booth? With only 55% of the eligible voting population showing up in the last presidential election, we deserve what we get. Those who can get their 'base' out win.

Even if it's a phobia that gets them out of the house.

Peace to you all, and let's not allow our phobias to get the better of us.


Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

A striking and powerful image, Twisselman! And this seems a diversion from your usual style. I really like this a lot. The colors are great and the image has a modern layered feel to it. And I liked your words! I think the news in general has become expert in "spinning fear" to market the news! They are master craftsman in hyping fear and whipping the public into a frenzy.

Peace, back at you.

IdiotHead said...

This sets the political mood. We are a month and a half away from elections (We have a governor race here in Ohio) and all I see are negative campaign ads. The candidates rarely give you a reason to vote for them, but would rather tell you why you shouldn't vote for the opposition.

Anyway, another wonderful illo from you.


the heartful blogger said...

Well said. And I love the image that goes with it. And lets not forget the economics of fear too...

Michelle Lana said...

great image! great job!

steve said...

I couldn't agree more Twisselman. This is one of your best pieces and posts yet!

HARDWAX said...

I think there is a lot od truth in what you say, fear does sell an opinion or a fact a lot faster, for better or for worse.
Your illustration is breathtaking, the White House looks like a battleship to me with the world sprawled around it. Beautiful post!

Amy Zaleski said...

Man, that's a creepy image of the White House. Politics...ugh...hate it all. Fox News is good for only one thing...laughing at how stupid their morning anchors are!

Jaimie said...

I love this piece. The white house indeed appears menacing. Your composition is quite striking and very spooky and moody.
I'm wondering if people are getting sick and tired of the fearmongering.
"Vote Republican or DIE!" just doesn't have the zip it used to.
I got a kick out of this Fox News motto I read somewhere.
Fox News: If you're not afraid, we aren't doing our job!

michael dailey said...

great illo and commentary on the residents at 1600
pennsylvania ave and else where. it only happens cause we let it.

scribblesk said...

Yes the politics of fear that's emanating from the white house your exemplifies it masterfully! Spooky!

Janet said...

Great illo....your White House is really scary!

The Tart said...


I love it, natch.

The Tart
; *

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

I agree with Janet, but I think the real white house is the scariest of all. Maybe we should rename liberals to logicals. Have a good week.

Tony LaRocca said...

I don't know. Call me cynical, but at this stage I think the two-party system is really just designed to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. One party complains about what the other one does while in office, but never change it when they come into power. Time to move to the moon. Awesome picture, btw!

Don said...

First off, love the illo. This is a very striking style and well rendered... like we expect anything less! ;-)

On the commentary: it is all a matter of perspective and beliefs. You ask "when did being 'liberal' become a bad thing?"... a couple decades after it bacame a bad thing to claim "conservative values," which now gets one labeled as intollerant or even hateful.

Comments here have mostly been negative toward politics, yet most of them have in some way, subtle or flat-out, stated thier stand, taking sides basically.

Anyone who wants to try to persuade another's opinion will generally resort to fear tactics... isn' that what your commentary is doing as well? It is pointing out what many believe we should be afraid of and do what we can to change it, lest it destroy us. Most people believe that if everyone shared the same fear they do, they could eliminate the source of that fear.

True deliverance from fear is not to deny it or to be afraid of fear, but to replace fear with peace. You wish peace to eveyone with every post, and we all appreciate that.

Peace to you, too! :-)... which will NEVER come from politics, liberal OR conservative. Or even "green" or "religious" or whatever banner you walk behind.

Love you, man, I mean that. May we ALL discover the Truth that brings real and lasting PEACE.

Twisselman said...

Thanks to all for your comments. Well-said, Don, in regards to the generating of fear on both sides of a topic. Yes, both sides can tend that way, especially when name-calling and putting labels on folks of a differing opinion... an 'us' and 'them' attitude. For better or worse, we are all in this together, and as long as intelligent discourse is allowed, and not labeled, there will be hope for us. Love, along with the peace, to all.

andrea said...

The image is polsitively menacing. Even if they're not white, the windows look like malevolent teeth.

Excellent work.